A great wildlife experience, Alaska Zoo

April 17, 2013

If the thought of running into some of Alaska's four-legged friends in their natural habitat makes you nervous, visit them (safely) at the Alaska Zoo.

This little zoo rescues numerous critters -- including moose, caribou, polar bears, seals and wolves, among others -- that can no longer survive in the wild. Anchorage's residents hold this quaint zoo close to their hearts -- they have even named all the animals housed there.

However, some recent visitors believe that the limited offerings and small habitats are drawbacks. According to one traveler, "I can't say it wasn't a touch depressing at times. Many of the cages do seem kind of small, and some of the animals looked a bit distressed ... Don't expect the lavish, sprawling habitats you see at a lot of bigger zoos. You can get a bit closer to them than in the wilderness, sure, but it's not nearly as awe-inspiring."

You'll find the Alaska Zoo sitting southeast of downtown along O'Malley Road. The animals welcome visitors every day, although hours vary depending on the season.

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