Air Canada Premium Economy Expansion

January 06, 2014

Starting next year, passengers travelling from Vancouver and Montreal to London Heathrow will be treated to even more comfort. Enjoy priority check-in, larger seats with more recline and extra legroom. Premium Economy is also available on flights between Toronto and Vancouver, and Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Additional benefits of Air Canada Premium Economy include:
- 7 inches more legroom
- Larger screen at your seat
- Ability to recharge your devices with a power outlet at your seat
- Two free checked bags
- Complimentary wine and spirits on international flights
- Large pillow and amenity kit

Air Canada Premium Economy Service is available on the following routes:
Vancouver-Hong Kong
Vancouver-London Heathrow (beginning March 2014)
Montreal- London Heathrow (June 1 - September 30, 2014)