Bleisure Combines Business and Leisure Travel

December 26, 2018

Bleisure travel, combining a business trip with a vacation is increasingly becoming part of the corporate traveller lexicon as time is increasingly a precious commodity. Many corporate travellers will extend their business trip by a few days or even a week to experience more of a destination, particularly when those business trips are to far-flung destinations.

Average ticket values have come down so much over the past three years, making it affordable to bring along a travelling companion to spend a few extra days together during the business trip. Cost savings to the company by staying over a Saturday night, can reduce the cost per ticket even more.

Bleisure travel allows travellers the best of both worlds, permitting them to find their own balance between work and personal fulfillment, and keeping those road warriors happy is key to productivity.

Particularly for corporate clients who have to travel to Asia and beyond, it makes little sense for the passenger to spend almost 24 hours or more round trip on an airplane for a meeting/business trip for which they’re on the ground for less than 36 hours.

Many corporate clients are also realizing that top destinations for business travel harbour rich cultural experiences that are worth devoting some vacation time to explore,

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