Know Your Entry Requirements Before Travel

March 04, 2021

To limit the spread of COVID-19, governments across the globe have imposed various travel restrictions. These new travel restrictions may be imposed or amended with little warning.

Each country/province also has unique requirements which may include forms that must be completed and submitted online, and/or printed and presented at the airport prior to boarding a flight. Failure to meet these requirements may result in long delays at the airport or upon arrival at the destination. Travellers may also be refused travel or be subject to government enforcement action for non-compliance.

You can refer to Air Canada's Government Entry Requirements website which highlights the following information:

  • Health and Safety Measures
  • Travel within Canada
  • Entry into Canada
  • Entry into the United States
  • Entry into the United Kingdom
  • Entry into France
  • Entry into international destinations
  • Transit through Canada
  • Entry forms

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