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March 2023

Air Canada's Digital Identification System

Air Canada has introduced digital identification technology through their AC mobile app.  This technology allows passengers to access multiple touchpoints along their journey without needing to show their boarding pass or government issued ID.

The digital identification technology takes measurements of the face and creates a numeric representation called a faceprint.  This faceprint is then compared to verify a person's identity.

You can use the digital ID for flights operated by Air Canada and departing from participating Canadian airports, including if you are connecting on a flight operated by Air Canada, to access the Maple Leaf Lounge, Air Canada Café, and at the boarding gate to board your flight.

The benefits of using digital ID are:


Your digital profile and credentials are encrypted and stored only on your device for up to 36 hours on the day of travel.  Only you can share them with your consent, and they are immediately destroyed after use.


Enroll, create, authenticate, and control the use of your digital profile from the comfort of your home.  Say goodbye to hands full of passports and boarding passes at the airport.


Reduce touchpoints and physical contact by using your digital identification instead of exchanging documents and devices between yourself and airport agents.

To get started:

Use the App Store or Google Play to download and install the latest version of the Air Canada Mobile App to create a digital profile for use with the new digital identification system.



Canada & U.S. Unveil New Airport NEXUS Interview Option

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have revealed details of a new interview option for new and renewing NEXUS members at Canadian airports.

Earlier in 2023, after months of delays and six-figure backlogs of applications, the two countries agreed to expand the program’s capacity. At that time, new land border interview options were added.

This new enrolment option for air travellers should be available by Spring 2023. It will include CBSA interviews at reopened airport enrolment centres in Canada and separate CBP interviews at Canadian airport preclearance locations for applicants departing for the United States.

This new process at Canadian airports has two steps:

  1. The process begins with the Canadian portion of the NEXUS interview conducted by CBSA officers at Canadian airport enrolment centres. Applicants must book an appointment online for this step.
  2. The U.S. portion of the NEXUS interview will be conducted by CBP officers in the preclearance area of a Canadian airport before the applicant departs for the United States. Applicants will not need to schedule appointments for the U.S. interview but are encouraged to build in time to their travel plans to allow for this interview to take place before their departure. The CBP interview can occur only after the CBSA portion of the interview has been completed and the information has been shared with CBP.

This new option is in addition to others introduced by CBP and CBSA in 2022 to provide travellers with more options to obtain or renew their membership, including an option for applicants to schedule joint interviews with CBP and CBSA officers at land border enrolment centres in the United States.

Existing members who renew their membership prior to the expiry date will have their benefits extended for up to five years to allow for the scheduling and completion of interviews, as required (if they have not been auto-renewed).

A new split interview process at two land ports of entry – where the Canadian interview is conducted at the Canadian enrolment centre and the U.S. interview completed at the corresponding U.S. enrolment centre located just across the border. This process is currently available at the Lansdowne, Ontario (Thousand Islands) and Fort Erie, Ontario (Peace Bridge) enrolment centres and they are looking to expand to additional sites.

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